Let science make the world a better place! Developing and testing a holistic and sustainable approach for the purpose of start-up support for PhD students and post-docs.

Elements4Founding: the essentials at a glance

  • Project to raise awareness for and promote entrepreneurship activities
  • Aimed at PhD and post-doc researchers at the University of Stuttgart
  • Duration from 2022 to 2024
  • Accompanying research for validation and evaluation of the formats

Our Motivation

Existing approaches at universities to promote research transfer mostly focus on the target group of students. So far, there are hardly any approaches that explicitly address PhD students and post-docs. Elements4Founding closes this gap.

Research shows that more than one third of doctoral and post-doc students have ideas for founding a company, but usually do not put them into practice. Yet research transfer produces many promising technologies and breakthrough innovations - and successful companies that can have a lasting impact on society.

Various obstacles prevent researchers from starting their own businesses - these range from a lack of awareness of their own entrepreneurial qualities to a lack of expertise in finance or marketing to a lack of orientation along the development and start-up process.

Where to begin?

Together with our cooperation partners at the University of Stuttgart, we offer a variety of different events for PhD and postdoctoral researchers to raise awareness, qualify and further develop ideas for science transfer. Check out our upcoming workshops and events below!


Upcoming Workshops and Events

Modular workshop series | Oct. 11 – Jan. 11 | hybrid formats | On Thursdays, 1:00-4:00 p.m. Have an impact with your research - make a change! On October 11th, we will kick-off the Research, Innovation, Science and Entrepreneurship (RISE) workshop series, presented by GRADUS in the career development program.

Registeration at e4f@eni.uni-stuttgart.de.


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Jan. 11, 2024 | more details coming soon!

Registeration at e4f@eni.uni-stuttgart.de.


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Previous Workshops and Events

Previous RISE Volume II Workshops

Our Network

Elements4Founding cooperates with the Graduate Academy of the University of Stuttgart (GRADUS) and is carried out in close collaboration with various offices of the University of Stuttgart, the start-up representatives, the EXIST team, and the TTI (Technology Transfer Initiative). The project is funded and supported by the Vector Foundation.

The Graduate Academy of the University of Stuttgart (GRADUS) is the central institution at the University of Stuttgart for the promotion of early career researchers and offers a wide range of qualifications, information, counseling and mentoring services.


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Scientific start-ups require special advice and support. The coaches from Startup Campus 0711 are very familiar with the support of innovative, technology-oriented and knowledge-based start-up projects.


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EXIST supports university graduates, scientists and students in preparing their technology-oriented and knowlede-based startups.

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The Technology Transfer Initiative is the central contact point at the University of Stuttgart for strengthening and permanently establishing the culture of entrepreneurial independence. The aim is to transfer scientific results into economic value creation.


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Andreas Wahl

Dr. rer. pol.

Head of Teaching

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Mia Zsohár


Research Associate

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