Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

New entrepreneurs can learn from experienced entrepreneurs in participating countries.

Target group

  • New entrepreneurs with a business plan or pitch deck
  • Host Entrepreneurs with more than three years of start-up experience.


Contact person on-site

Your main contact person in the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme is the local placement office. These are institutions selected by the European Commission to provide you with advice and support during your exchange: You will receive help with your application, support in building a successful relationship with a suitable entrepreneur and answers to any other questions you may have. In Baden-Württemberg, the programme is managed by the central location marketing agency for business and science "Baden-Württemberg International" (bw-i).

Contact person for Baden-Württemberg at bw-i: Eva Gutbrod, tel. +49 7112278741,   e-mail:


In which countries can I do the exchange?

As a new entrepreneur, you can go to host organisations in the following regions:

  • to the 27 EU member states
  • to the overseas countries and territories (OCTs) of EU member states
  • to the EU-affiliated countries (Albania, Armenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Republic of Northern Macedonia, Iceland, Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey, UK, Ukraine and Kosovo)



Apply now with your CV and business plan at Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs.


Application procedure

  • Apply online
  • Admission to the programme and access to the intranet with around 5,000 company profiles
  • Match with a person of your choice from a company in one of the participating countries
  • Develop and submit your work plan for the exchange
  • Work together on a project in the host entrepreneur's company


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Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Global

With the expansion of our Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs exchange programme, we are building bridges between talent from Europe and experienced founders in Canada, Israel, Singapore and the USA.

The Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Global programme brings together ambitious individuals who want to start a business with experienced start-ups or established companies from Canada, Israel, Singapore and the USA. 
As a founder in the "New Entrepreneur" category, you will work on a business project at a company abroad ("Host Entrepreneur"). 

You can apply online via the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs website.

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