Hydrop water systems

hydrop water systems digitizes water consumption in the household and thus gives every person the opportunity to better understand their own water consumption and to use the resource water in a way that is appreciative. To do this, we record water consumption directly at the water meter and use artificial intelligence to assign what water was used for, e.g. showering, washing clothes or watering the garden. For the real estate sector, we also enable detailed monitoring and early leakage detection.

Picure of Katrin Kreidek

Katrin Kreidel

Katrin Kreidel first completed two bachelor's degree programs in the humanities at Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz with film studies/audiovisual publishing and comparative/european literature. She then studied renewable energies at the University of Stuttgart for her Bachelor's degree and focused on photovoltaics and wind energy for her Master's degree in sustainable electrical energy supply. During her studies, she gained experience at various companies such as Robert Bosch GmbH, Fraunhofer IAO, Netze BW and Ampeers Energy. In 2020, Katrin Kreidel joined the startup scene through the program "Awake - In 6 Weeks to a Startup" and has since been managing the startup hydrop water systems. Since September 2022 hydrop is supported with the EXIST-Gründerstipendium at the Institute for Entrepreneurship.

Contact: +49 711 72256754

Picture of Moritz Emberger

Moritz Emberger

Moritz Emberger completed his bachelor's degree in aerospace engineering at the University of Stuttgart. As a research assistant at the Institute of Space Systems, he contributed to the development of the control system for the secondary mirror of a balloon-based reflecting telescope and actively worked in the field of microelectronics. In parallel, he expanded his knowledge in handling sensor data and controller design. Moritz Emberger also worked as an intern and working student for the startup Ampeers Energy in software development. The subject of this activity was the cloud-based processing and analysis of real-time measurement data. Moritz came into contact with entrepreneurship through the program "Awake - In 6 weeks to a startup" as CTO of hydrop water systems and has been an EXIST scholarship holder at the Institute for Entrepreneurship since September 2022.

Contact: +49 711 72256754

Picture of Raimund Koop

Raimund Koop

After completing his bachelor's degree in biological sciences at the University of Münster, Raimund Koop went on to obtain his master's degree in water sciences there in cooperation with the Münster University of Applied Sciences. He completed his thesis at the water supplier Hamburg Wasser. During his studies, Raimund Koop was part of TechLabs e.V. at locations in Münster and Hamburg, which gave him his first experience in a startup context. After graduation, he improved his programming skills at Coding School 42 Heilbronn. Since January 2023, he has been CIO of hydrop water systems and EXIST fellow at the Institute for Entrepreneurship.

Contact: +49 711 72256754

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