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Digital Transformation & Entrepreneurship: Influence, Opportunities and Challenges through new digital technologies in the context of Industry 4.0

For industrial companies, the digital transformation represents a change that is both challenging and exciting: Digital technologies are creating many opportunities to realign business models, expand existing products and build new data-based services.

Interdisciplinary approaches and perspectives

This process requires interdisciplinary approaches and perspectives - characteristics that make up the DNA of ARENA2036. That is why the partners of ARENA2036 are researching in this TECH area which implications arise from digitalization for managers. Special attention is paid to new forms of collaboration with start-ups and future forms of industry-based innovation ecosystems. The focus of the management perspective is on the influence, opportunities and challenges posed by new digital technologies, such as Industry 4.0.

In order to capture this multitude of opportunities in different future scenarios and to effectively leverage the ever increasing (performance) capabilities of digital tools, the TECH area supports activities and events for the exchange of current trends, new insights and concrete use cases of industry partners. Start-ups are also actively involved in these research and innovation projects to accelerate transformation and reposition existing technology and market structures.

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