Design Factory: Design Thinking - Innovation Process in Practice

The participants learn the design thinking process based on a specific question.

Design Factory Stuttgartis an open learning-by-doing platform at ARENA2036 for industry partners and students to strengthen innovative potential. It is part of the Design Factory - Initiative of the University of Stuttgart in collaboration with ARENA2036 and is conducted in partnership with the well-known Design Factory Global Network.

Fancy a change of perspective?

Design-Thinking  - Innovation Process in Practice is a key qualification that enables students and industry partners to go through the iterative Design Thinking process together based on a concrete problem. The course will be held in close cooperation with ENI, ARENA2036 and IAT.

In interdisciplinary and cross-university teams, you will develop innovative solutions for real problems during the course. You will be supported by experienced design thinking mentors and industry experts. In order to go through this process, there are a variety of tools and techniques that will be used as needed. Furthermore, Design Thinking includes a mindset that develops during the course of the project. This includes a good portion of openness, optimism, decisiveness, empathy, teamwork, and learning from mistakes. Thematically, the challenges are currently oriented towards the topic of sustainability, whereby this includes ecological, economic and social content.

This SQ takes place every semester.


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Ferran Giones


Deputy Director

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