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"innovate.better.together” Under this guiding theme, our innovation association has been bringing together representatives from science and business for 15 years. The focus is on research into idea and innovation management in theory and practice. By establishing a supra-regional business network in industry and research, our innovation association offers a cross-sector platform for the exchange of experience.

In this context, quer.kraft relies on a variety of hybrid formats. In addition to conferences and best practice events, the association now includes 20 working groups that deal specifically with the current problem areas of our company members and work out possible approaches to solutions through scientific impulse lectures and interactive elements. It's worth taking a look at the events page!

Furthermore, the Norbert Thom Innovation Award is presented each year to outstanding scientific work. The award's namesake, Professor Norbert Thom, was an economist and is considered the "founding father" of idea & innovation management.

Since its founding in 2008 through the initiative of Alexander Brem, quer.kraft has supported companies in uncovering untapped innovation potential and thus remaining sustainably innovative. Since the member companies do not compete, a trusting and familiar environment is created in which people can learn from each other and openly share their ideas.

Accordingly, the aim of the association is the open, interdisciplinary exchange among the member companies according to the "best practice" principle over the entire innovation process and the transfer of impulses from science into entrepreneurial opportunities for action: From trend monitoring and idea generation to innovation methods, innovation marketing, and innovation controlling. The entire product life cycle is in focus at quer.kraft.

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