Become a change maker! Design sustainable solutions with real impact.

Are you looking for more than just financial fulfillment? Our world presents us with a multitude of challenges - let's overcome them together!

More than money? There are many challenges in our world, let's tackle them together!

In this interactive course, you will learn how you can make a positive difference in the world through entrepreneurship. Our Impact Entrepreneurship course, provides you with an in-depth understanding of what impact entrepreneurship really means.

We provide you with a platform to learn first-hand from successful impact entrepreneurs who have made a demonstrable positive impact through their entrepreneurial activities. You'll learn from examples like Beyond Meat, who are revolutionizing the food industry, and TOMS Shoes, who are changing the world with their one-for-one business model.

Together, we'll work to create a business model that has real impact. Within just 24 hours, you will transform your own ideas into a validated business model in the field of impact entrepreneurship. We offer workshops on idea generation, business model design and pitch presentation.

Each participant and team will have the opportunity to work on their own idea and turn it into a viable business model. At the end of the course, you will present your business model in the form of a pitch in front of a jury of experienced impact entrepreneurs and industry experts. Use these two days to get started and find a passion for the topic of impact entrepreneurship and learn from experienced mentors how you can carry out an impact-oriented start-up.


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Martin Schwarz


Doctoral Candidate

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