Impact Entrepreneurship

The participants learn how to found startups with impact

More than money? There are many challenges in our world, let's tackle them together!

In the Social Entrepreneurship course, you will learn more about how you can achieve impact through entrepreneurship. You will learn in one social entrepreneurship weekend, (Thursday-Saturday) what Social Entrepreneurship means exactly, hear from experienced and successful social entrepreneurs as well as what it means to generate a business model with social impact. You will develop a business model within 24 hours, learn about ideation, business model, and pitch in an interactive workshop and contribute your own ideas. Each participant/team then works on the idea and turns it into a valid business model in the field of social entrepreneurship. At the end of the Social Entrepreneurship Weekend, the business models will be presented in the form of a pitch in front of an experienced jury.

Get started and find your enthusiasm for the topic of social entrepreneurship in three days and learn something from experienced mentors on the topic of (impact-oriented) startups.


This image shows Martin Schwarz

Martin Schwarz


Doctoral Candidate

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