AI Prototyping 101: From Idea to Reality

The participants learn what is behind the trend word AI and solve everyday challenges with the help of AI.

You've always wanted to know what's really behind the term Artificial Intelligence (AI)? 
And how different AI tools can be used to solve everyday or even societal challenges? 
And both preferably in a hands-on way? 

Then the new Interdisciplinary Key Qualification (FüSQ) "AI Prototyping 101: From Idea to Reality" in the summer semester 2023 could be just the perfect match for you. 
Here we look together behind the black box term "Artificial Intelligence" by creatively solving an everyday challenge in group work using AI tools. 
From idea to product, we'll guide you in the university makerspace as you develop a software and/or hardware prototype to solve the given task

BTW: The FüSQ is a cooperation between the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Science (ENI) and the Institute for Software Engineering (ISTE) as well as part of the project "Integrated AI in Teaching at the University of Stuttgart" (IKILeUS) - funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

This SQ takes place every summer semester.


This image shows Brigitte  Schönberger

Brigitte Schönberger

Dr. sc. agr.

Head of Diversity and Organizational Development

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