Frugal Engineering & Technological Innovation

We focus on the roots of ”constraint- based innovation” approaches to study how it can be used in the next generation of technology innovations using a frugal engineering approach.

Identify and develop technological innovations

What is the phenomenon?

Technological innovations dominate our everyday lives. But the process of which technology will prevail and how is usually not (precisely) predictable. In addition, developing countries are increasingly becoming the hot spot for innovations.

With their roots in emerging markets, various innovation approaches have made it into western markets under the catchword frugal innovations. From the original focus on emerging markets or "bottom of the pyramid" ("BoP") clients, these are now applied to develop global solutions.

What is known about it?

Technological innovations are driven by new business models, and can be anticipated through methods in the early phases of the innovation process. The competition of new technologies is getting tougher and tougher, and new approaches are needed.

Frugal engineering creates innovations that break with the "more and more, better and better" or "over-engineering" paradigm that is widespread in research and development. Simple, technically sophisticated solutions are to be created in order to open up new (price) segments. This is to be achieved with various approaches. These include in particular "localisation" with a global focus, new development vs. adaptation, use of new technologies and price and marketing strategy.

Frugal Innovation and Its Implementation - Leveraging Constraints to Drive Innovations on a Global Scale

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