Creative Challenge (Global Classroom New Zealand)

Students conduct creative experiments to experience "intelligent failure" along the way.

Introduction to the Creative Challenge


Failure has an important role to play in learning how to navigate highly uncertain organizational environments. But “failing fast” just for its own sake may in fact undermine learning if not set up or handled correctly. Using failure-based pedagogy, including generative failure, whole-person learning, and entrepreneurial thinking, this course is designed around a novel guiding framework of “brains, bravery, and belief.”

In this 4-week block course, students from the University of Stuttgart get to work together with students from the University of Canterbury (New Zealand) as part of a ‘global classroom’ in virtual space using the video platform flip. Students conduct self-assigned creative experiments (e.g., on topics like Artificial Intelligence AI, sustainability, ...) challenging them to go beyond their comfort zones and encounter some ‘intelligent failure’ along the journey. Regular reflection on the experiences, both from a cognitive and an affective perspective, is an essential element built into the course experience.

This SQ takes place every winter semester.


This image shows Dominik Hörauf

Dominik Hörauf


Research Associate

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