Crediting courses from a semester abroad

Students who want to have courses from abroad credited can find more information here.

Students have the possibility to have courses they have successfully completed in a semester abroad credited at ENI. For this, however, it is necessary that you contact us BEFORE starting the semester abroad and include the following Crediting-Form (see link). Please make sure to fill it out as detailed as possible. This will facilitate the review process and the decision whether a course can be credited or not.

After you have sent the form to Andreas Wahl, we will check internally if a credit is possible. If it is not, you will receive a rejection in a timely manner. If a credit is possible, you will receive an informal confirmation via e-mail. We will keep this Learning Agreement; it forms the basis for the crediting of the course AFTER the semester abroad.

Once you are back at the University of Stuttgart, please contact Andreas Wahl again and bring proof of the course you passed and the credits you received. He will then initiate the crediting of the course.

Please send Crediting-Form to Andreas Wahl.



This image shows Andreas Wahl

Andreas Wahl

Dr. rer. pol.

Head of Teaching

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