Research Areas

The institute‘s research foci are technological innovation and entrepreneurship, with particular consideration to the digital transformation phenomenon.

Our research philosophy

The research strength of the institute lies in the combination of theory and practice, as well as in the combination of research, teaching and transfer. We focus on long-term cooperation with the most important research institutions in the region, based on research connections beyond the University of Stuttgart with intensive international partnerships. Our guiding principle is here the `Stuttgart Way`, which is focused on interdisciplinary cooperation.

Scope & Focus

Technological innovations are a key driver to wealth and employment. Hence, it is important to understand how these innnovations emerge and diffuse. With our diverse and international teams, we use state-of-the art methods to foster understanding in these areas.

Key questions are:

  • We study how individuals and organizations find ideas for new applications for (new or existing) technologies.
  • We study how new technologies and scientific advances are transformed into innovations.
  • We study how they create new organizations and how they contribute to build to existing or new ecosystems.

If you are interested in working with us, feel free to check our vacancies page.

Our understanding of research

Source: YouTube

This video with Prof. Brem provides an overview of our understanding of research, shown at the example of the current Corona pandemic. The video is in German language, but with English subtitles.

Publications in refereed journals, books and conference proceedings

Research is good when the results are understandable and applicable.

Dr. Ferran Giones, Deputy Institute Director

The institute´s research is clustered in four connected areas

Organizational Creativity & Open Innovation

We study how individuals and firms can enhance their creativity and ideation capabilities, using workshops, techniques, and tools in different types of innovation spaces within and beyond organizational boundaries.

Topic-specific publications

Science Commercialization & Technology Transfer

We contribute to activate the transfer of scientific and technological advances from the lab to the market, from the perspective of the scientist and the innovation ecosystem.

Topic-specific publications

Frugal Engineering & Technological Innovation

We focus on the roots of ”constraint- based innovation” approaches to study how it can be used in the next generation of technology innovations using a frugal engineering approach.

Topic-specific publications

Technology Entrepreneurship & Industry Emergence

We study how entrepreneurs transform emerging technologies into new ventures and contribute to generate new ecosystems.

Topic-specific publications


This image shows Ferran Giones

Ferran Giones


Deputy Director

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