Entrepreneurship is more than a study subject. Entrepreneurs are visionary and persistent, but also diligent and persistent. Our ambition is to teach this to the next generation.

Our teaching philosophy

With the interdisciplinary nature of our courses we are open to students from all subjects and disciplines. Through the approach of transdisciplinarity we want to transfer learning outcomes into immediate application by integrating researchers and external lecturers from industry. The third pillar of internationality ensures courses in English, lectures and workshops with international guests, international summer schools and much more.

Our goal is to efficiently combine Entrepreneurship Education as a cross-faculty concept on all levels with aspects of theory and practice.

Dr. Ferran Giones, Deputy Institute Director

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Our courses - Let US start!

Important Information

Registration for the courses is done via Campus. 

FÜSQ do NOT need to be registered separately during the exam registration period.

If you have any questions about our offerings, please contact us here: andreas.wahl@eni.uni-stuttgart.de.

Go through the typical phases of founding a fictitious start-up virtually and get to know the necessary methods and tools.

In the course, you will create a business model for a fictitious company, conduct investor talks and develop a marketing concept. Determine the price and quality of your products and keep your finances under control in order to compete with the start-ups of your fellow students. However, the market is not free of surprises and rewards those who can react quickly and agilely to changes. (Language: German)

Contact: Julia Bredendieck


Awaken your entrepreneurial spirit and discover your start-up skills through your own projects. In our six-week intensive course, you will be professionally guided from the idea to the prototyping to the pitch. Three credit points are allocated for the course.

The module is organised around the ongoing lecture blocks to show that you can already pursue your own start-up projects during your studies. You will work together in interdisciplinary teams and develop individual business models. Each team receives a budget and advice from various internal and external coaches.

At the end of the programme, the entrepreneurial projects are presented in front of a jury and a large audience and receive an award. (Language: German)

Contact: Eric Heintze


This course provides an overview of financing innovative projects and technology start-ups. The focus here is on topics such as financial ratios, financial analysis, valuation methods (DCF and comparables) and valuation for start-ups (venture capital method).

The course is aimed at engineering students who want to gain a global understanding of financing innovative technology projects. The aim of the course is to develop financing strategies that are linked to the strategy of the market for technology products and the general needs of an organisation.

The programme focuses on high technology projects in the context of an existing organisation or as part of a new venture. The aim is to prepare you for financing decisions as an entrepreneur or as a manager of innovation projects. Through a combination of insights from finance theory and real-life case studies, you will learn the course concepts in practical application. (Language: English)

Contact person: Ferran Giones

Have you already had your first experiences in the field of start-ups and are passionate about the topic of start-ups? Then become a start-up coach and help young start-up projects get off the ground.

Gain "hands-on experience" for the development of entrepreneurial business ideas and opportunities with real teams.  In the process, you can further deepen your entrepreneurial and technological skills and develop coaching skills as well as leadership skills. The course is taught in partnership with  UnternehmerTUM from Munich. (Language: German/English)

Contact person: Jordi Mauri


Experts from science, business and the start-up and investor scene will provide comprehensive insights into the area of business start-ups and start-ups. The ecosystem around the University of Stuttgart will be presented, as well as entrepreneurs from the various faculties of the university, in order to present the whole range of start-ups and entrepreneurship. In addition to the inputs, there will be plenty of room for questions and discussions.

But top international speakers will also appear in the lecture series as part of the Speaker Series. Together with our partners from startupautobahn, Silicon Valley is coming to our campus.

Ideal for anyone who is interested in the topic but does not yet have any concrete start-up ideas or start-up experience. (Language: German)

Contact: Alexander Brem


This seminar is part of the Master of Business Engineering program Intra- and Entrepreneurship (tech). Further information is available here. (Language: German)

Contact: Alexander Brem

This seminar is part of the Master of Business Engineering program Intra- and Entrepreneurship (tech). Further information is available here. (Language: English)

Contact: Petra Nylund

The course teaches students essential and modern methods and competences from the areas of creativity, innovation and product design and combines aspects from design thinking, product development, entrepreneurship and engineering.

Based on real problems from industry, you will form interdisciplinary teams during the course and develop innovative solutions. You will be supported by experienced coaches from the Sartup scene as well as by experts from industry.

The Design Factory is part of the Design Factory initiative of the University of Stuttgart in cooperation with Arena2036 and is held in partnership with the well-known Design Factory Global Network. (Language: English)

Contact: Ferran Giones


How do technology-based companies emerge and how do I start one myself? In this course, which we offer together with other institutes from the university, you can develop an understanding of the start-up process: from the idea in the lab to market entry.

Using practical examples, you will learn how to investigate potential applications of promising technologies in a structured way, and how to identify and prioritise market opportunities. At the end of the course, you will combine the developed technological product with a convincing business model and create a "pitch deck" to convince potential stakeholders of the potential of the start-up idea. All you need to bring is an enthusiasm for technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. (Language: English)

Contact: Ferran Giones


This course is offered in German, see German website.

Contact: Michael Wihlenda


Do you want to write a Bachelor's, Master's or PhD thesis in the field of "Entrepreneurship and Innovation Science" at the Institute? Then you can find the links to our colloquia here: (Language: English)

Bachelor/Master/Project Thesis Seminar Entrepreneurship and Innovation Science  


PhD students Entrepreneurship and Innovation Science  


Contact: Mirja Meyborg

Competence field Entrepreneurship

Since the winter semester 2021/22, students of the master's programs "M.Sc. BWL" and "M.Sc. BWL, t. o." are able to participate in three modules of the new competence field "Entrepreneurship".

In addition, students of the Master's program in Real Estate Engineering and Management ("M.Sc. IuI") can also select modules of the competence field as part of their selective modules.

Furthermore, courses from the entrepreneurship competence field are also open to master students of the technology management program (M.Sc.) (examination regulations from 2011). More detailed information is available in Campus (Entrepreneurship 1 und Entrepreneurship 2) or here: andreas.wahl@eni.uni-stuttgart.de.

The two courses (lecture and exercise) "Entrepreneurship: From R&D to Start-Up" of the first module are offered every winter semester. In this course, students learn about the most important issues surrounding the start-up process of R&D-oriented companies. The phase-specific aspects and tasks that arise in the context of entrepreneurship are highlighted. The lecture focuses on the scientific basics, while the exercise takes a practical look at the involvement of entrepreneurs and the associated partners in the ecosystem.

The courses (lecture and exercise) deal with all relevant issues of a start-up process and entrepreneurship. Starting from technological innovations through research and development (R&D), phase-specific aspects and tasks are examined, which also include business, economic as well as social developments in the context of entrepreneurship.

In particular, the following topics are covered:

  • Fundamentals of R&D and Entrepreneurship
  • Creativity and idea generation
  • R&D methods
  • Technology procurement and ramp-up management
  • Technology commercialization and transfer
  • Intellectual property rights for startups
  • Personality and Team
  • Start-up process and business plan
  • Entrepreneurial Marketing and Pitch
  • Acceleration and Incubation
  • Social entrepreneurship and sustainability

The lecture focuses on the scientific fundamentals, while the exercise focuses on the practical part. The ecosystem around the University of Stuttgart will be introduced, as well as entrepreneurs from the different faculties of the university to present the whole range of start-ups and entrepreneurship.

Each summer semester, the second module from the competence field will be offered starting in 2022. In the lecture "Entrepreneurial Finance", the challenges with regard to the financing of new businesses and start-ups will be presented and discussed. In addition, students have the option to choose between two different exercises. The aim is for students to work on and understand the start-up process from a market-driven perspective ("Market-driven Entrepreneurship") or from a technological perspective ("Technology-driven Entrepreneurship").

The lecture offers students the opportunity to take an in-depth look at the financial challenges faced by new businesses.

The main topics covered are:

  • Finance and accounting in the context of start-ups,
  • Funding sources: from early stage to market-ready projects,
  • Investor profiles and negotiation,
  • Current issues in entrepreneurial finance (e.g. crowdfunding) among others.

The exercises are organized in two different courses in which the participants develop initial business ideas in teams of 3 to 4 people and elaborate them using different methods. Through expert inputs and lectures, they learn the principles of business model generation and iterative validation.

The aim is for students to work out and understand the start-up process from a market-oriented perspective or from a technological perspective. Students can choose from the following courses:

  1. Market Pull - Market driven Entrepreneurship (German): Participants identify and analyze problems in the market, develop a prototype of their product or service, present it(s) and create a business plan.
  2. technology push - technology driven entrepreneurship (English): The participants scout and understand promising technologies, adapt the technologies to market-relevant products in a team, develop business models and prepare a "pitch deck" to convince stakeholders.

The new competence field is completed with the English-language "Entrepreneurship Seminar", which will be offered every semester starting in the summer semester 2022. In this seminar, students will work on current research trends and topics in the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship. The main objective is an in-depth look into empirical-analytical methods, the successful development of one's own research project and the ability to implement it effectively.

In this seminar, students bring in their interest and knowledge about current trends in innovation and entrepreneurship research. This interest will be combined with appropriate research methods, where participants have the opportunity to conduct their own research project (individually or in teams, depending on the number of participants and their background).  

The overall aim is that students get an understanding of how to setup a research project, and how to conduct the research effectively.

The seminar serves ideally as a preparation to conduct a project or master thesis at the institute.

From teaching to coaching

This interactive teaching and coaching program was developed within the framework of Let US start!. A program initiated by the University of Stuttgart and supported by the Vector Foundation, which together with the partners Pioniergeist from Stuttgart and UnternehmerTUM from Munich has revived the entrepreneurial spirit and created numerous offerings to leverage the enormous potential on campus.

Our approach goes beyond the range of courses we offer. With the goal of enabling students to develop into self-reliant entrepreneurs, we have created a continuously growing portfolio of programs that support great teams from teaching to coaching to investing.

Our coaching services

Part-time Master Intra- und Entrepreneurship

The extra-occupational Master's program Intra- and Entrepreneurship (tech) combines the expertise of the Hochschule der Medien Stuttgart and the University of Stuttgart in the fields of high-tech, technology development and business start-ups.

It conveys comprehensive knowledge on business management and on planning, controlling and optimizing technology-oriented start-up and innovation projects. The program focuses on business and technology-related issues that are geared to the special requirements of start-ups, but also directly affect established companies. Among other things, you will learn to recognize, systematically validate and take advantage of opportunities for technology-oriented business ideas and to develop and support innovations and solutions.

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