The participants immerse themselves in the startup process in a short period of time and learn the basics for developing a business model.

The course "Startup Simulation Hackathon" takes place this year under the name sustain(ATHON), in cooperation with the Green Office, the Informatik-Verbund Stuttgart, as well as the CampUS hoch i project it is about the umbrella topic sustainability. In a short online module that precedes the hackathon, students learn the basics of collaboration, self-efficacy and communication in a team and have the opportunity to already choose a team.
On October 30, the students choose one of the challenges given by the cooperation partners and develop in teams, within 43 hours, together on site an idea, a concept and a prototype based on it, which they present on the second day in the afternoon. They will receive support from experienced coaches and mentors as well as the opportunity to participate in short input sessions and mini-workshops, such as presentation training. Mentors will be available for each of the given challenges. The idea competition is about presenting a concept, design or prototype that will be evaluated by an interdisciplinary jury based on a given evaluation grid - the winners* will be awarded. Each team will have the opportunity to receive detailed feedback from their mentors after the event. At the end, a certificate of participation in sustain(ATHON) 2023 will be issued.


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Mia Zsohár


Research Associate

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