DEEM: Dynamic Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Monitoring

Discover how startups emerge and thrive, and shape the future of entrepreneurship in territories.

DEEM. Vision and Goals.

Our vision is to build an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Research Lab, where we can gain novel insights into nascent entrepreneurship and new venture emergence and develop a wider entrepreneurship research program around the data. 

Our goals.

  • Build a traceable and consistent longitudinal dataset for entrepreneurial ecosystem research
  • Detect startups pre-registration and follow the cohort over time
  • Conduct a yearly panel survey for the BW startup population analyzing different entrepreneurship research constructs (e.g., novelty, bricolage, identity, etc.)
  • Publish yearly evidence-based policy reports
  • Build an index to evaluate nascent entrepreneurial potential
  • Publish the dataset for internal and external research purposes


Entrepreneurial ecosystems (EEs) are critical for economic growth and innovation within territories. However, our understanding of how EEs work is limited by the lack of comprehensive datasets.

The DEEM. project aims to create a new dataset for EE measurement using a dynamic ecosystem monitoring approach that addresses four key limitations of existing research:

  • Lack of comprehensive local measures for EE elements
  • Failure to capture more detailed founder data
  • Ignorance of early-stage entrepreneurship (i.e., entrepreneurial potential)
  • Reliance on single-source data (e.g., archival OR self-reported data)

The DEEM. dataset will complement prior research with novel insights into the effects of actors and factors at multiple spatial levels (state-region-district), nascent entrepreneurship, and the relationship between entrepreneurs and their local EE.

The DEEM. project will help us to better understand how EEs work and how they can be supported to create jobs and innovation for sustainable regional development over time.


UpStart BW's goal is the identification of success factors for nascent startups in order to formulate recommendations for startup founders as well as external actors (policymakers, investors). This includes developing an index to rank nascent startups according to their entrepreneurial potential based on economic, societal, and environmental factors.

Upstart BW project page


DEEM. is funded by the state initiative Gründermotor. The startup potential of Baden-Württemberg as a location for research, science, and ‘Mittelstand’ is enormous. With the Gründermotor and our partners in Baden-Württemberg, we build a decentralized ecosystem to create synergies and elevate entrepreneurship in our region.

UpStart BW is funded by the Péter Horváth Foundation. To contribute toward a sustainable, climate-neutral, just and healthy society, Horváth engages in various projects in line with the United Nations’ sustainability goals and the Paris Agreement on climate and emissions. As part of this initiative, the foundation engages in the fields of science, culture and understanding between nations.

Data access

Survey data

Data from the annual panel survey is processed by the DEEM. team and made available to the public in pseudonymized form. The pseudonymization enables researchers to track individual startups and their development over time and thus gain deeper insights, while the startups themselves cannot be identified and traced.

As soon as the data processing has been completed, results will be made available. More information and and data access will be provided here.

Access startup data

For any requests regarding the startup data collected as part of the DEEM. project that are not part of the survey data, please proceed as follows:

Please send a written request by e-mail to with the following information about your project:

  • Information about you (name, institution, project)
  • Required data and information
  • Intended use

All requests will be reviewed internally by the DEEM. team. Please note that a request does not necessarily lead to data access and that we reserve the right to reject requests for any reason.

The DEEM-Team

This image shows Andreas Wahl

Andreas Wahl

Dr. rer. pol.

Head of Teaching

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Sophia Hess


Research Associate

This image shows Johannes  Engels

Johannes Engels


Research Associate

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