Design Factory (DF): Prototyping Insights

The participants learn how to build a prototype and what is behind it.

Design Factory Stuttgart is an open learning-by-doing platform at ARENA2036 for industry partners and students to strengthen innovative potential. It is part of the Design Factory - Initiative of the University of Stuttgart in collaboration with ARENA2036 and is conducted in partnership with the well-known Design Factory Global Network.

You have already gained some experience in product development and have always wanted to build a prototype? We will accompany you from the idea to the physical prototype. During the course, participants work on a research-related technical problem based on innovation principles and prototyping processes.

In addition to team spirit and creativity, the inventive spirit is also awakened. In cooperation with the Protobox of the University of Stuttgart, the Creatorbox2036 ( and the ARENA2036 (, we develop and build innovative solutions using 3D printing, laser cutting, milling and much more.

The course is held in a block session and consists of three parts: THINKING, DOING and PRESENTING.


This image shows Ferran Giones

Ferran Giones


Deputy Director

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