Research Engagements

The institute is involved in various national and international research cooperations. In this way, the know-how in technological innovations and entrepreneurship is deepened and expanded in a structured manner.

Thematic and content-related interconnected research

Idea behind the engagements

A long time ago, it was not only research in business administration that often took place in the proverbial "ivory tower". At that time, a literature overview was relatively easy to obtain by getting the relevant works from the library.

Those days are obviously over. Research and the corresponding publication activities have shifted to scientific journals. Books are still important for the transfer of know-how, but the results and discussion of research findings now only take place in such journals. In addition, the language of science has become English, which can easily be seen in the continuous disappearance of German-language journals.

Given this background, it is elementary to network thematically and internationally. This is exactly what is happening at the Institute with various initiatives and commitments, which are presented on the following pages.

book on the latest innovation in business administration

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