Start of the new workshop series RISE for PhD students and post-docs

January 28, 2023

The workshop series "RISE - Research, Innovation, Science and Entrepreneurship" started on Thursday, 26 January. More than 60 researchers from the University of Stuttgart took part in the digital kick-off and expressed their interest in the modular programme, which is intended to sensitise PhD students and post-docs for their own business start-up with a total of seven workshops.

Great potential for science transfer

Although the direct transfer of scientific research into entrepreneurial practice holds great potential for groundbreaking innovations and also long-term economic success, only a few scientists in Germany have started their own businesses to date. One reason for this is that many researchers do not see themselves as founders; they often lack access to the "entrepreneurial mindset" as well as the necessary know-how in the areas of transfer, finance and marketing. This is where the workshop series "RISE - Research, Innovation, Science and Entrepreneurship" comes in.


Aim of the workshop series

RISE is part of the Elements4Founding (E4F) project at the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Sciences (ENI) and is explicitly aimed at PhD students and post-docs at the University of Stuttgart. The aim of the workshop series is to sensitise participants to the fact that founding their own company by researchers is a possible career path and an exciting alternative to a career in academia or industry. They should be given the right tools to be able to realise this.

The digital kick-off on 26 January showed that there is a lot of interest in RISE among researchers. "We are positively surprised by the high number of participants and are very much looking forward to the coming months," says Mia Zsohár (ENI), who developed and will run the programme together with her colleague Kathrin Lichius (ENI).

Elements4Founding is supported by the Vector Stiftung foundation and led by Dr Andreas Wahl (ENI). Research assistants Kathrin Lichius (ENI) and Mia Zsohár (ENI) are project managers in E4F and run the RISE workshop series. If you are interested in the programme, please contact the project team at


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Andreas Wahl

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