Demo Day of the FüSQ „AI Prototyping 101: From Idea to Reality”: 5 Prototyps and only 1 Challenge

June 22, 2023

On June 21st, 2023 our interdisciplinary Key Qualification "AI Prototyping 101: From Idea to Reality" ended with the Demo Day.

On this day, five student groups from 12 different study programs presented their digital and/or analog prototypes to creatively solve the challenge: "Find your path through the campus maze of the University of Stuttgart". The premise in creating the prototype was to use AI during the creation process, e.g. as a source of inspiration during the phase of idea generation or by implementing AI in the final prototype.

As part of the BMBF-funded project IKILeUS, the goal of the course was not only to provide students from different disciplines with a basic understanding of AI, but also to gain hands-on experiences and to promote interdisciplinary group collaboration. For this purpose, four institutions of the University of Stuttgart joined forces at once: the project-bearing institutes, the Institute for Software Engineering (ISTE) and the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research (ENI), as well as the Makerspaces of the Technical Information and Communication Services (TIK) and the ARENA2036.

After a 10-minute presentation of the prototypes followed by a discussion, including pizza and drinks, the students had the additional opportunity to network with AI experts from the startup industry and academia and gather further insights on the topic of founding.

Interested? The SQ "AI Prototyping 101: From Idea to Reality" takes place every summer semester, is part of the Artificial Intelligence Software Academy (AISA) and open to all study programs.

Interesse geweckt? Die SQ „AI Prototyping 101: From Idea to Reality"  findet jedes Sommersemester statt, ist Teil der Artificial Intelligence Software Academy (AISA) und für alle Studiengänge offen.


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