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December 20, 2022

Prof. Alexander Brem and Prof. Philipp Schuster excel in the 2022 WirtschaftsWoche ranking.

The WirtschaftsWoche Ranking 2022 recognizes Prof. Alexander Brem from the University of Stuttgart as one of the most prolific and research-intensive scientists in the field of business and management in German-speaking countries: Head of the (Institute of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Science (ENI), Prof. Brem was placed 15th in the “author” category of researchers in business administration in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This places him in the top 0.5 percent of all business economists in German-Speaking countries across all disciplines, including management, finance, tax, production, marketing, human resources, and entrepreneurship. He is ranked 105th in the lifetime achievement ranking, up from 153rd in the last round.

Prof. Philipp Schuster, holder of the Chair of Finance at the Institute of Business Administration at the University of Stuttgart, was placed 100th in the ranking for business economists with the strongest research under 40.

The renowned WirtschaftsWoche ranking of business economists with the strongest research in German-speaking countries was published for the first time in 2020. The current edition covers research publications from 2018 up to and including 2022. The lifetime achievement ranking takes into account all articles ever published by a researcher. Articles published in selected, internationally established journals are regarded particularly highly in the evaluation. The category "authors" assessed a total of 3,638 people, while the lifetime achievement ranked more than 4,500 researchers.

The data used for the ranking is sourced from the bibliometric web portal Research Monitoring, which is operated by the KOF SWISS Economic Institute at ETH Zurich. Publications in almost 860 business administration journals were taken into account, weighted according to their reputation.

Further information about the WirtschaftsWoche Ranking (german).


Frequently cited scientists at the University of Stuttgart

In addition to being well-placed in the WirtschaftsWoche ranking, Prof. Brem was also delighted to be placed among the top 1% in the latest Stanford/Elsevier ranking, which ranks him among the most frequently cited scientists worldwide in the field of "Business & Management". Furthermore, this ranking also lists 120 other members of the University of Stuttgart from various departments.

Further information about the Elsevier Ranking


Source: University of Stuttgart Communications


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