Start-Up Decision Making Principles: Effectuation vs. Causation in Innovation Management Research

March 15, 2022

On 14.03.2022 the “Methods in Focus Series” about the article “Effectuation vs. Causation: Can Established Firms Use Start-Up Decision-Making Principles to Stay Innovative?” took place with Joe Tidd, Alexander Brem and Pascal Henninger.

The aim of this interview format of the ISPIM, moderated by Prof. Joe Tidd, is to discuss with the authors the applied methodology in their publication. Prof. Alexander Brem was able to provide more details about the overall intention and the chosen cross-functional approach between Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management in established companies. Pascal Henninger explained the methodology used and discussed about the special challenges during the qualitative content analysis. The discussion revealed that it is challenging to move from an individual to a organizational level with such concepts. It was also discussed how the literature is related to established concepts in innovation management such as resource based view or dynamic capabilities. 

Further information available soon on ISPIM: Methods in Focus Series.

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