Spin-off develops customized bicycle grips

June 9, 2021

"By customizing the grips using 3D printing, hand stress can be reduced due to the perfect fit and improved cushioning."

Who is Personomic?

The founding team includes Paul Eichinger (CEO), Christian Renninger (CTO) and Andreas Schulz (CMO). Paul is responsible for hardware development and additive manufacturing. In his free time he is at his 3D printer, riding his bike or dancing salsa. Chris is responsible for software development and design. He is a pianist and minimalist. Period. Andi is responsible for marketing and finance. He likes to play tennis in his free time, can be found more often in the gym and is a passionate gardener dedicated to the fight against insect mortality.

The idea in 3 sentences

Every day we use our hands to operate products that are mass-produced industrially and therefore never fit the individual hand perfectly. We at Personomic want to change this approach and customize products, e.g. bicycle grips, exactly to the shape of our customers' hands. With our technology, we set new standards in ergonomics and make customization affordable.

Here you can configure your personal grip.

How did the idea come about and what sets you apart?

About 4 years ago Paul, the tinkerer, was annoyed that normal computer mice did not fit his big hand. In the garage, he used molding compound to personalize his first computer mice. In the meantime, we only record the hand geometry conveniently via a photo of the hand. From this information, we obtain the ideal product shape fully automatically, currently that of the bicycle handle, and print it with the 3D printer.

The team line-up is what sets us apart. Chris is a software developer and has programmed a best-selling app for macOS on his own. A passionate tinkerer, Paul has been printing personalized products on his 3D printers for years and is now a lecturer in his field. Andi is not only good at selling himself, but also our products and has a finance background due to his studies.

In the interview at regio-tv

In an interview with regio-tv, Paul reported on the career path and explains how Personomic produces the custom-made bicycle handle using 3D printing and what advantages it offers.

Personomic is a spin-off of ISW in the field of personalization of consumer products. Since March 1, the startup has been funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy through the EXIST-Gründerstipendium, with support from Prof. Dr.-Ing. Oliver Riedel and ISW. Read more about it here.


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