S4X and Okagama successful at Start-up BW ASAP finals

February 18, 2021

Five teams from the University of Stuttgart made it to the finals of the Start-up BW Academic Seed Accelerator Program and presented their ideas on February 18, 2021. Two of them also received prizes: S4X won the Mobility Prize and Okagama the Prize for Creativity.

The "Academic Seed Accelerator Program Baden-Württemberg" is a state-wide competition for students at Baden-Württemberg colleges and universities. Start-up BW ASAP is designed to motivate student start-up teams to further develop and implement the creative ideas they develop during their studies into business models.

Five teams from the University of Stuttgart made it into the top 30 teams from all over Baden-Württemberg.

Team Dino: Anna Nelles, Patrizia Spinola, Pascal Heilig and Nils Bukschat.

The idea: DINO is an app for students that takes everyday student life out of the Stone Age! DINO offers a digital version of the student ID and creates an interface for simple connection to colleges and universities. The app also links the most important online services of colleges and universities, such as learning platforms and dining hall schedules, and displays lectures and events. DINO also offers regional deals and promotions, whereby students receive exclusive benefits and attractive price savings, and we finance our app through these collaborations. Here, we cooperate with local bars, clubs, restaurants and retailers - according to the motto: Students (after Corona) back to the city!

Team HavaYou: Nasim Sehat and Vlad Alukhanov

The idea: HavaYu can replace architectural elements such as beams and columns or be used as a bridge and ladder. Its construction system can be used in harsh environments such as deserts, polar regions and disaster areas. It can be used for emergency shelters and dwellings. Lightweight and easy to transport, it can be deployed and stiffened on site with little to no labor.


Team Okagama: Gabriel Rihaczek and Maximilian Klammer.

The idea: Okagama is working on an innovation in the furniture industry with customized series instead of mass production. In this process, a piece of furniture is co-designed online by the customer, and the complexity in variation and production is handled digitally. The startup designs products based on principles such as uniqueness, sustainability (use of bio-based and recycled materials) and efficient geometry.


Team ReVive: Marie-Claire Becker and Thomas Henka

The idea: ReVive is an AI-powered app for outfit suggestions and easy digitization of your clothes. You and your friends can share your closets for viewing. This gives you more inspiration and even more choice by borrowing, swapping, selling or donating your own clothes. Our vision: move away from the "throwaway fashion industry" to a revitalized approach to clothing by enabling more people to have a fresh creative look every day.


Team S4X: Jan Pascual, Patrick Eisele and Michel Robijns

The idea: "We digitize assembly processes, optimize and automate inventories, and perform quality assurance using weight sensors. Our hardware is based on a flexible retrofit solution that is adaptable to all kinds of Kanban boxes and small parts containers."


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Melanie Minderjahn


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