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Podcast: "Take the opportunities you get"

May 18, 2022

Made in Science – Podcast of the University of Stuttgart with Prof. Dr. Alexander Brem

The official English-speaking podcast "Made in Science" has been running at the University of Stuttgart since July 2021. The podcast host is Dr. Wolfgang Holtkamp, Senior Advisor International Affairs at the University of Stuttgart.

At regular intervals, Mr. Holtkamp meets with scientists, alumnae and alumni, staff and students of the University of Stuttgart. The conversations are not only about the current work of the interview guest, but also about their personality, inspiration and career.

In the latest episode, entitled "Take the opportunities you get", Mr. Holtkamp talks to Prof. Dr. Alexander Brem. He has been Director of the Institute of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Science at the University of Stuttgart since 2020.

The two talk about how entrepreneurship and teaching at the university can be combined, what qualities a successful founder needs, how Prof. Dr. Brem went from founder to scientist and what major challenges companies will face in the future.

Podcast episode with Prof. Dr. Alexander Brem

Source: YouTube
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