Introduction to Entrepreneurship and IP – How can I start my own business?

August 26, 2021

The event took place on the 15.07.2021 with the aim of introducing the topics of entrepreneurship and IP to a broader audience in the context of the Collaborative Research Center 1333 “Molecular Heterogeneous Catalysis in Confined Geometries”.

During the event, the current activities at the Institute of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Science (ENI) were highlighted by Prof. Alexander Brem. In particular, its collaboration with other players in the area, e.g. Cyber Valley was explained. Prof. Brem emphasized that the institute aims to engage in entrepreneurship from the three sides: Research, teaching and outreach.

Afterwards, Jordi Mauri, a startup coach at the University of Stuttgart explained the current coaching process going from first identification of startup ideas or teams to supporting everything along the way to a successful funding acquisition. During this time, the startup coaches work closely together with the TTI GmbH and the department research within the central administration. Philipp Haessler then highlighted how the University of Stuttgart handles intellectual property (IP) within the context of a university and what benefits young technology-oriented startups can derive from commercial protective rights.

Vasileios Filippou talked about his path in the startup world. He highlighted the importance of a team and that it is crucial to find teammates that share your beliefs. Further, support structures through people believing in you are important to identify directly at the beginning.

After the presentations, a short Q&A round was held.


This image shows Melanie Minderjahn

Melanie Minderjahn


Research Associate, PR Manager

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