Gone are the days when earning money and "improving the world" were mutually exclusive

February 1, 2023

As a Kick-off to the Social Entrepreneurship course, an Impact Entrepreneurship event was held on Jan. 26, 2023.

The founders Juliette Gainon from SINGA Business Labs, Mai Gobba from Herfa, Rebecca Bregant from PineBerry, Tessa & Ferdinand Schulz from Nordesign, and Florian Pachaly from Recup were invited as speakers. The event was introduced and moderated by Prof. Alexander Brem, who briefly introduced the topic of Impact Entrepreneurship. All founders told about their founding journey, which was and still is more like a roller coaster of failure & success, and how important it is to go in the wrong direction first to find the way in the right direction finally. However, all invited founders had one thing in common: the intention to solve an acute social problem and the motivation to create an impact.

Ecological challenges, the elimination of plastic, deposit systems in a sustainable circular economy, or the promotion of migrant entrepreneurship as only on this one planet we can positively impact our actions and innovations.

Impact entrepreneurship is also based on classic business principles. After all, it is only possible to innovate and manage sustainably by generating profits that are properly reinvested. This was also the message for all students, who were allowed to develop and design their ideas in the subsequent "Social Entrepreneurship" course.

A total of more than 110 students and staff from the University of Stuttgart and Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences took part. After the presentations of the founders, the participants went to the "Meet the founders" in the Frei[raum]. Here, pizza and drinks were served, and during a relaxed "get together," one could talk about burning social challenges and the topic of founding. It was amazing that most of the participants were also joining the networking event in the Frei[raum]. An evening in which the topic of IMPACT came to the fore.


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