From Deep Tech to Experimentation

November 17, 2023

Dr. Jana Thiel visits ENI

ENI received the visit of Dr. Jana Thiel (ETH Zurich / EDHEC Business School). Jana is a leading scholar on the topics of corporate acceleration, deep tech, and technology entrepreneurship.

In her visit, Jana shared with the team of ENI some of her recent work of entrepreneurial experimentation in the corporate context. Her research is related to some of the work that the institute has been doing on how corporates engage in collaborations with startups to amplify weak signals. After the presentation of her research she also had a productive meeting with representatives of Startup Autobahn, the leading open innovation platform for mobility where University of Stuttgart is a founding partner.

She also offered a guest lecture to the students of Technology Entrepreneurship, course offered by ENI at University of Stuttgart. She explained to the students the challenges and uncertainties that deep tech entrepreneurs need to understand to successfully commercialize their science-based products and services.

We are very thankful to have had Dr. Jana Thiel visiting us, we hope this is the first of many more exchanges.

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