Emerging Technologies Commercialization

October 5, 2022

New publication on emerging technologies.

What do biotechnology, nanotechnology, quantumtechnology, robotics, and artificial intelligence have in common? As Daniele Rotolo, Diana Hicks, and Ben R. Martin would describe, they are all emerging technologies.

In this project lead by Philipp Haessler, Dr. Ferran Giones, and Prof. Alexander Brem at University of Stuttgart we have been reviewing over 150 articles in more than 40 journals to find out how they made it to the market.

We found out that startups are often contributing to transforming emerging technologies into general purpose technologies (GPTs) that can be used for many more things than at one point we thought. In contrast, established corporates will prefer to bring in emerging technologies that they convert into proprietary technologies that solve one problem well with a specific function.

As side findings, we realized that we need to pay much more attention to the nature of technology, and not overlook the less shiny emerging technologies that might have an equally important role in the whole innovation system.

The article is available to download for a limited time.

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