De-Globalization: Trend or Hysteria?

November 3, 2022

On October 26, this year's 42nd „Stuttgarter Betriebswirtschaftssymposium” of "Förderkreis Betriebswirtschaft an der Universität Stuttgart e.V." took place at Faculty 10 at the City Center Campus with several top speakers. Two ENI courses were also attending and gained valuable insights all around the topic "De-globalization - is independence becoming more important than international efficiency gains?"

As every year, the „Förderkreis Betriebswirtschaft“ invited to the already 42nd „Stuttgarter Betriebswirtschaftssymposium” at the City Center Campus on October 26, 2022. The event, which was organized by the Chair of Business Administration and Organization (Prof. Birgit Renzl), was held under the topic "De-Globalization - Is Independence Becoming More Important than International Efficiency Gains?“

Welcoming remarks by Prof. Dr. Reinhold Mayer (Chairman of the „Förderkreis Betriebswirtschaft”) and Prof. Dr. Andreas Größler (Director of the Institute of Business Administration) were followed by a series of exciting guest-talks by top speakers who presented the topic from different angles and provided valuable impulses: First, Prof. Achim Wambach, PhD (President of the Leibniz Centre for European Economic Research) spoke about Europe's economy in the tension of geopolitics, focusing in particular on the impact of the war in Ukraine on the global economic links of our continent. Tim Wenniges (Managing Director Südwestmetall) then made a plea for a new phase of globalization to meet current challenges. This talk was followed by Dr. Dietmar Voggenreiter (Senior Advisor, Horváth, among others), who discussed the question "Local for Local - a megatrend?", in particular highlighting the importance of global trade for the economy. Finally, Dr. Sascha von Wangenheim (Head of Global Services, Mettler Toledo) spoke about de-globalization as option or a necessity, further addressing the aspects of a global world economy necessary for stability. The event was eventually rounded off by an exciting panel discussion moderated by Tassilo Zywietz (Managing Director IHK Exportakademie).

ENI attended this year's symposium with two of its courses, as the current situation is of great interest to start-ups. Thus, the students of the "Entrepreneurship Ringvorlesung" and the lecture "Entrepreneurship 1: From R&D to Start-Up" were able to gain valuable insights into globalization and its challenges with regards to the current times. These offer both risks and opportunities for start-ups and are therefore also of great importance in the context of the two courses and will be further addressed there. ENI is already looking forward to the next symposium in 2023.


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