Creativity and Innovation in Times of Artificial Intelligence

May 12, 2023

On May 9, Prof. Brem took over the lecture series on technology assessment. He discussed the central question "What does AI have to do with innovation?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the umbrella term for applications in which machines perform human-like intelligence and is already ubiquitous in smart homes, fully automated interpreters on the internet or in medicine. The rapid development of AI also holds great potential for research, opening up more and more new research topics to identify how AI can best support human innovation potential.

The new approaches made possible by AI can promote creativity, i.e. the human ability to produce certain compositions, products or ideas of whatever kind that are new in essential characteristics and were previously unknown to the creator. Companies that plan for the long term should therefore specifically promote the creativity of their employees and the use of AI. The question remains whether human creativity will still be needed at all in the future, or whether it can be covered by AI.

In innovation management, AI can be used in any form from the idea to the market launch. This can be through the use of social media platforms to identify demand fields, through the use of automated facial recognition of users to recognise reactions to the product or through the use of AI to analyse large data sets more quickly. The broad field of application in which AI will shape the innovation management of the future could thus be illustrated.

There was a lively discussion with the students of the lecture series about the role AI can and will play in companies.

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