Corporate – Startup collaborations, time for an upgrade?

November 4, 2021

Keynote by Dr. Ferran Giones (Deputy Director Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Science) at the annual conference 2021 of quer.kraft - der Innovationsverein e.V.
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Collaboration between companies and startups - does it work? Is there a need for improvement?

These and other questions were answered by our Deputy Director Dr. Ferran Giones on Tuesday, October 12, at the annual conference of quer.kraft - der Innovationsverein e.V.. The innovation association from Nuremberg, in which our director Prof. Dr. Alexander Brem is deputy chairman of the board.

Dr. Ferran Giones gave an insight on why and how companies and startups collaborate to the more than 120 participants (online & on-site in Nuremberg) from almost 70 different companies. He also presented current research results and studies on the reasons why some projects fail. In this context, he also showed improvement approaches for better collaboration. In a concluding discussion, participants of the association - mainly innovation managers and employees from related departments of member companies as well as colleagues from academia - were able to exchange viewpoints and get further insights.

During the event, Prof. Dr. Alexander Brem moderated the final panel discussion on the topic of "Cooperation with Startups - A "Must-" or "Nice-to-have"?". In this, Dr. Ferran Giones was joined by Sonja Moosburger (Managing Director MediaMarktSaturn N3XT), Dr. Philipp Gneiting (Head of Open Innovation & Customer Insights at Mercedes-Benz AG), and Josef Schütz (Co-Founder & CFO at Grino Water Solutions).

quer.kraft - der Innovationsverein e.V. is a non-profit, cross-sector association that links members from industry and science on the topics of idea and innovation management.  In doing so, quer.kraft follows a "best practice" approach: quer.kraft facilitates an interdisciplinary exchange of experience on topics related to the innovation process, starting with trend monitoring, idea generation, innovation methods and up to innovation systems and marketing.  In conferences, working groups and best practice meetings, quer.kraft focuses on an open exchange in a friendly atmosphere with a passion for innovation topics.


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