BCERC 2024 in Munich

July 4, 2024

Professional and friendly exchange, the opportunity to discover and learn new things. The ENI at the world's leading conference on entrepreneurship research: the BCERC at TUM in Munich 2024.

From June 5 to 8, Ferran Giones, Martin Schwarz and Andreas Wahl took part in the BCERC in Munich.

Andreas Wahl (also in the absence of the other author Marcel Werle) had the opportunity to present their joint research paper on "Deciphering Entrepreneurial Experimentation: Science-Based vs. Trial-And-Error Preferences In Entrepreneurs". This work is closely related to the ongoing activities around the Elements 4 Founding and DEEM projects, in which the authors are actively involved.

In addition, the ENI team took the opportunity to meet old acquaintances, friends and colleagues and enjoy the Bavarian delicacies. The BCERC left the three of them with new inspiring inputs, new research directions and impulses for joint collaborations.


This image shows Hanna Dewes

Hanna Dewes


Research Associate

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