University of Stuttgart has successfully recertified as a "Young Entrepreneurs in Science Campus".

February 24, 2022

YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS IN SCIENCE CAMPUS is a certificate developed by the Falling Walls Foundation that recognizes partner institutions that are committed to increasing entrepreneurship in science and research through their participation in the initiative.

The "Young Entrepreneurs in Science Campus" designation for the university or research institution is an expression of its sustained commitment to raising startup awareness. The basis for the award of the certificate is the fulfillment of quality standards in the application and implementation of awareness-raising measures in cooperation with Young Entrepreneurs in Science. The renewed certification as a Young Entrepreneurs in Science Campus is valid for one year and can be extended again by re-examining the commitment to start-up awareness.

"Time and again, we find evidence of doctoral students or postdocs founding successful startups. This is primarily because they are intensively involved with innovation on the research side. This, in turn, gives this group of people an advantage over others in that they come into contact with potential commercial applications of these innovations at a very early stage. In order to sharpen the view of doctoral students and postdocs with regard to the economic usability of their research and thus an alternative career, we at the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research at the University of Stuttgart would like to continue to support the Falling Walls Foundation. We are pleased to be an official Young Entrepreneurs in Science Campus again for this year." (Prof. Alexander Brem)

Stimulate Change

Young Entrepreneurs in Science aims to stimulate a cultural change - towards more creativity, more courage for the transfer of innovative technologies and concepts, and more acceptance of careers beyond the professorship. Through interactive workshops, the initiative cultivates entrepreneurial thinking and action among young scientists and strengthens networks of entrepreneurs and decision-makers.

The Graduate Academy GRADUS supports the initiative for more entrepreneurial spirit in science and research by including events on start-up topics in its qualification program and awards one credit point for participation.

The next event "From PhD to Innovator: How much of an entrepreneur is in you?" will take place on April 21-22.


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Andreas Wahl

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