Three questions for Tiantian Li

March 28, 2023

"Three questions for..." is a format of the regularly published newsletter for Startup & Entrepreneurship at the University of Stuttgart. Here, people from the ecosystem of the University of Stuttgart introduce themselves, report on their experiences with the topic of "startup and entrepreneurship" and reveal tips for people interested in founding a company.

1. Please briefly introduce yourself and your current job.

My name is Tiantian Li. I have been working as a Ph.D. student at the Institute of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Science at the University of Stuttgart since November 2022. In research, I am interested in co-working space and entrepreneurship. In particular, the founder identity evolution at co-working space.


2. How did you get involved in entrepreneurship?

My interest in entrepreneurship started when I attended courses related to entrepreneurship. During my master's study, I was an intern at a consulting company, I was attracted by the research projects related to makerspace and entrepreneurship.


3. What tip would you give to students who are enthusiastic about founding a company, or who have already taken the first steps towards self-employment?

At the beginning stage of entrepreneurship, you might have a lot of unclear questions. I would like to recommend to actively attend entrepreneurship events, where you could share your ideas with founders, and learn from their experience. This would help you a lot at the beginning stage of founding a company.


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Melanie Minderjahn


Research Associate, PR Manager

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