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Three questions for Melanie Minderjahn

March 15, 2021

Three questions for..." is a format of the regularly published newsletter for Startup & Entrepreneurship at the University of Stuttgart. Here, people from the ecosystem of the University of Stuttgart introduce themselves, report on their experiences with the topic of "startup and entrepreneurship" and reveal tips for people interested in founding a company.

1. Please briefly introduce yourself and your current job.

I am Melanie and have been working at the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research at the University of Stuttgart since May 2020. I am responsible for communication and public relations at the institute and within the EXIST project "startup campus 0711". To speak in the words of my daughter: I do Instagram and stuff like that 😉

2. How did you get involved in entrepreneurship?

The topic of communication has been with me for a very long time and, looking back, the field of innovation, entrepreneurship and startups has somehow accompanied me in each of my jobs, without me having focused on it...At the start after my studies in the form of innovation consulting for SMEs, then at the TU Darmstadt at the innovation and startup center HIGHEST and since 2020 here in Stuttgart at ENI (Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research).

3. What tip would you give to students who are enthusiastic about founding a company, who are currently thinking about founding a company or who have already taken the first steps towards self-employment?

When I was self-employed, I found it very difficult to network and to go out into the world with my offer. I lacked the power of persuasion and perhaps also the conviction that what I was doing was great. For me, it was not the right time. From this experience, I give the tip to question yourself every now and then and to check your conviction. If a coherent picture emerges, then go out into the world with your idea or your product.

AND...to quote my colleague Jordi: Contact us and come by the institute. There we will talk with you and your team about your idea over a cup of coffee.



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Melanie Minderjahn


Research Associate, PR Manager

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