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Three questions for Kristina Winter

June 20, 2022

"Three questions for..." is a format of the regularly published newsletter for Startup & Entrepreneurship at the University of Stuttgart. Here, people from the ecosystem of the University of Stuttgart introduce themselves, report on their experiences with the topic of "startup and entrepreneurship" and reveal tips for people interested in founding a company.

1. Please briefly introduce yourself and your current job.

My name is Kristina Winter and I work as a start-up coach at the Institute of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Science. I support spin-offs with a technological background from the scientific institutes as well as students and graduates with their ideas in all start-up phases. Our accompanying advisory services include initial advice, further development of business models, application for funding, further training and networking.


2. How did you get involved in entrepreneurship?

After studying business administration, I worked for many years in the private sector in various positions in the field of B2B marketing and the identification and development of new markets. In doing so, I dealt with very similar questions: Where is the market of the future, which new solutions do customers need, which innovations should be marketed and how, how should the business model be further developed in order to clearly stand out positively from the competition and be highly attractive for customers. I then developed my own innovative start-up idea to the proof-of-concept stage during a one-year programme in Berlin, learning and applying the latest start-up methods in the process. Since then it has been clear to me: "Start-ups are my thing".


3. What tip would you give to students who are enthusiastic about founding a company, or who have already taken the first steps towards self-employment?

Take advantage of the services offered by the ENI - you will receive professional support with many practical tips, important contacts and offers that will reduce your entrepreneurial risk and increase your chances of success. Ultimately, with us you will save not only time but also money, because as a member of the University of Stuttgart you will receive these high-quality services (incl. access to capital and important network contacts) free of charge, for which you would normally hardly have access on the free market or would have to pay a lot of money.


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