The successes of our Entrepreneurs in Residence: PeakCorteX and Surveymugs! Saymon, Patrick and Jan say goodbye

August 10, 2022

Funded by the Pre-Start BW program of the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts Baden-Württemberg, six students are currently working on their startup ideas at the Institute of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research.

The temperatures have long promised what is finally arriving for our Entrepreneurs in Residence: it is now time for summer break! Since fall 2021, the six students have been working at ENI to (further) develop their business ideas. With the summer, the project is now coming to a close and there is the opportunity to sum up the career of the Entrepreneurs in Residence.


Since November 2020, Saymon's personal productivity app PeakCorteX has been available in a preliminary basic version in the Appstore and has since been able to generate users in 38 countries around the world. He himself is very enthusiastic about his time as Entrepreneur in Residence: "This was a fantastic offer that provided fabulous support for a student who is simultaneously founding a startup. I had my sights set on launching the full version of PeakCorteX during my time here, as well as gaining users in the Asian market."

"Saymon has also been involved with us at ENI for a long time as a junior startup coach, and we now had the opportunity to actively support him through the Pre-Start BW program. During his time as a resident, he has not only managed to further develop his app but he was also able to inspire other students and convince them to take the path to entrepreneurship. Saymon will stay with us in the future and support us in awakening the founding spirit among the PhDs and postdocs in the Elements 4 Founding project. Of course, at the same time, this will allow him to continue to access our resources to continue working on his app", said Alexander Brem, Director of ENI.

Jan and Patrick

"These two are quite something" judges Andreas Wahl. "They came into the program with an existing business idea, were also already negotiating a pilot project, only to see it all collapse. Instead of giving up, however, they took the results of their market analysis as the starting point for their new idea. Namely, they had identified two recurring elements in their interviews: 1. companies know little about their customers, and 2. that employee satisfaction is an important element of a productive work climate."

In an attempt to fix both problems, they came up with the "Surveymugs". It involves combining a regular coffee mug and printing a QR code on it. The URL to which the QR code refers can be changed at any time. The result is a simple tool that attracts the attention of your own employees or can be sent to customers. On the one hand, the dynamically changing link can be used to refer to a homepage, or news and offers can be presented. On the other hand, a survey can also be stored in order to query customer or employee satisfaction.

In the project itself, the two continued to work on their survey tool in cooperation with the ENI research team and launched Surveymugs. The result is an ENI Surveymug mug, which is now being distributed to various student bodies and institutes in order to subtly bring knowledge about entrepreneurship to the student environment at the University of Stuttgart.

You can buy the Surveymugs at:


This image shows Andreas Wahl

Andreas Wahl

Dr. rer. pol.

Head of Teaching

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