Startup Talk: Presentation of the startups Sereact & Modugen

July 28, 2021

The event took place on 01.07.2021 with the aim of bringing start-ups in contact with start-ups and potential partners. The lecture was organised by the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research (ENI) of the University of Stuttgart. Participants included Dr. Clemens Ackermann (Arena 2036), Armin Mechias (Cree Deutschland GmbH) & apl. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Fehr (Institute for Technical and Numerical Mechanics).

During the event, the ideas of the start-ups Sereact & Modugen were presented first. The start-up Sereact deals with AI-supported automation technology in production processes. In the course of the talk, the founders shared their experiences. A special focus of the presentation was on the transfer from research to the market. Marc Tuscher emphasised the importance of presenting their idea to an audience: "We had to learn to love pitching our idea".

Another start-up, Modugen, was presented by Maximilian Franz. Modugen deals with the growing trend of sustainable house building made out of wood. In this context, Modugen focuses on simplifying communication between architects and building participants. This is done by a clever mix consisting of helpful structural analysis software with cloud connection, which allows calculation, displaying & forwarding of the most important information. Maximilian Franz explained the broad service options based on his experience with competitors: "Turn your competitors into partners." Summing up the transfer from research to market, he said: "Find technology to solve your problem, not a problem for your technology."

Afterwards, the discussion round was opened to all 28 participants. Dr. Clemens Ackermann praised both teams: "That's exactly the spirit we can identify with." As research coordinator of Arena 2036, he was able to offer support to Sereact, in the area of production processes. Armin Mechias showed interest in Modugen's subject area: "We are always looking for tools & structures that make everyday life easier."

In conclusion, everyone agreed on the importance of the ecosystem and mutual support:

"Thank you for the invitation, we need more initiatives like this here in Germany!" (apl. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Fehr of the University of Stuttgart)


Quotes from participants

apl. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Fehr:
“Thank you for the invitation, we need more initiatives like this here in Germany!”

Dr Clemens Ackermann:
“That´s exactly the spirit we can identify with.”

Maximilian Franz:
“It´s really not so much about the idea, rather about motivation, competency and timing.”

“Find technology to solve your problem, not a problem for your technology.“

“Turn your competitors into Partners.“

Armin Mechias:
"Establishing new ways means a lot of communicating; You have to face resistance day in and day out to ultimately establish yourself."


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