Start of RISE #3 with a joint workshop in the makerspace

February 21, 2024

Joint workshop by Elements4Founding (E4F) and the Makerspace at the University of Stuttgart.
[Picture: Makerspace Universität Stuttgart]

Elements4Founding (E4F) and the Makerspace at the University of Stuttgart cordially invite you to a joint workshop in the Makerspace!

This session marks the start of RISE #3, a series aimed at fostering innovation and entrepreneurship among PhD students and postdocs.

On March 6 from 13:00 to 14:30, the Elements4Founding project is therefore offering PhD students and postdocs the exclusive opportunity to explore the Makerspace on the Vaihingen campus and discover opportunities for their own projects.

Whether you are curious about the latest tools in the makerspace, want to discuss your own innovative ideas or are looking for like-minded people, this workshop offers the best conditions for this.

Date & time: March 6, from 13:00 to 14:30

Location: Makerspace, University of Stuttgart

We are looking forward to an inspiring afternoon where creativity meets technology!

This workshop offers a unique opportunity to explore the intersection of research and practical application, encourage the exchange of ideas and develop new skills in a hands-on environment.

Elements4Founding is sponsored by Vector Stiftung.

Please register by e-mail with the subject MAKERSPACE to

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