STARTUP AUTOBAHN EXPO2023 showcases over 30 pilot collaborations and implementations between leading mobility companies and startups

June 15, 2023

Stuttgart, Germany, June 14, 2023 — 38 startups will present their pilot collaborations with corporate partners of the open innovation platform STARTUP AUTOBAHN powered by Plug and Play at the annual EXPO on Thursday, June 22, 2023, in Stuttgart. The pilot projects, implementations, and solutions in the fields of mobility, production, enterprise, and sustainability will be showcased to more than 1,000 in-person guests, including board members and C-Level executives from the leading automotive companies, entrepreneurs, political decision-makers, investors, and tech experts.

STARTUP AUTOBAHN powered by Plug and Play is the innovation platform that unites the unrivaled tech expertise of Silicon Valley and the best of German engineering. Just like the German highway — the "Autobahn" — the only one in the world without a speed limit, STARTUP AUTOBAHN accelerates connections between industry corporations and innovative startups. The results of these collaborations are showcased at EXPO, an invite-only conference showcasing technologies of the future and exposing the power of corporate-startup innovation.

This year's EXPO2023 will gather over 1,000 guests at Wagenhallen in Stuttgart. Inspired by the motto "Piloting the Future", the event’s agenda has been carefully curated to address the most pressing challenges of the mobility industry: Transition to E-Mobility, Circular Economy, Heavy Duty Mobility, Solutions in the Semiconductor Industry, Interior Concepts of the Future, Perspectives on Sustainability such as Battery Management, Sustainable Materials, and more. The agenda includes inspiring keynote speeches by board members, industry leaders, and public officials, panel discussions, expert roundtables, innovation walks, startup pitches, an exclusive demo of selected pilot projects, and several side events.

The speaker lineup features the most influential voices of innovation in mobility and those at the forefront of the automotive industry: Barbara Frenkel, Member of the Executive Board, Procurement at Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG; Dr. Michael Hafner, Vice President MB.OS Base Layer & MBUX, Mercedes-Benz AG; Jørgen Behrens, Managing Director and VP, Geo Automotive, Google; Mathias Pillin, CTO at Bosch Mobility; Saeed Amidi, CEO and Founder, Plug and Play Tech Center; Winfried Hermann, Minister of Transport, Baden-Württemberg; Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut, Minister of Economic Affairs, Labour and Tourism in Baden-Württemberg; Lars Reger, CTO and EVP at NXP®Semiconductors; Michael Corcoran, President, Global Lead, Analytics & Engineering at DXC Technology; M. Gürcan Karakas, CEO at Togg; Barbara Wittenberg, CTO at 1KOMMA5°; Jan-Maarten de Vries, President Fleet Management Solutions, Bridgestone Mobility Solutions.

At EXPO2023, STARTUP AUTOBAHN will present the Plug and Play Global Innovation Award, the Plug and Play Cross Collaboration Award, and the Plug and Play Sustainability Award.

More about EXPO2023 agenda, speakers, and the project showcase:

Pilot Projects and Implementations

The showcased pilot projects focus on the topics of Electric Vehicle Transition, Software-defined Vehicles, Road Safety & Smart Infrastructure, Production AI & Automation, Cabin of the Future, Supply Chain & Sustainability, Connected Cars, Generative AI & AI Content Creation, Digital Twin, and many more.

Mercedes-Benz & 4.screen

4.screen develops an in-car communication channel that allows brands to seamlessly connect, interact, and engage with Mercedes-Benz drivers.

Mercedes-Benz & Phononic Vibes

Mercedes-Benz and Phononic Vibes partner up with Adler Pelzer to create light weight metamaterials for increased acoustic insulation performance.

Mercedes-Benz & SPREAD

Mercedes-Benz and SPREAD partner up to efficiently manage complexity of the vehicle electric and electronics (E/E) with an Engineering Intelligence Network.

Porsche & About:Energy

About:Energy and Porsche use physics-informed data to unlock more battery performance.

Porsche & Circuit Booking

Porsche and Circuit Booking partner up to put the sport back in sportscars and secure the future of high-performance vehicles by sharing the excitement of performance driving.

Porsche & Pull Systems

Pull Systems and Porsche are working on use-cases to utilize data analytics in EVs.

DXC Technology & Brytlyt

DXC Technology and Brytlyt simplify deep learning model deployment life cycles and management for real-time predictions in the manufacturing industry.

DXC Technology & Cargo Cube

DXC Technology and Cargo Cube create transparency over a manufacturer's global cargo flows.

DXC Technology & High Mobility & Scope Technology

High Mobility, Scope Technology & DXC propose a holistic solution to enable seamless Fleet Management, Mobility Services and Usage-based Insurance.

DXC Technology & Opinum

DXC brings its broad understanding and experience in the Energy & Utilities industry and market complemented with DXC’s in-depth expertise in Digital, Technology, and Data into a partnership with Opinum who brings a solution matching the requirements of the businesses within the Energy & Utilities industry.

ZF & Shipzero

ZF and Shipzero partner up to unlock a new level of climate action to decarbonize road freight transport leveraging ZF's SCALAR Fleet Orchestration Platform solution.

Webasto & Canatu

Webasto and Canatu work on integrating LiDAR heating on a Roof Sensor Module for autonomous driving.

Webasto & Actasys

Webasto and Actasys team up to enable a clear line of sight for vision sensors at all times, in harsh weather conditions.

Webasto & Filics

Webasto and Filics establish new ways to automate intralogistics in narrow environments with high load carrier variety.

Schaeffler & Arkite

Schaeffler and Arkite create dynamic loading instructions with AR and validate the correct loading in real-time.

Schaeffler & deskbird

Schaeffler leverages deskbird to improve the workplace experience for its employees and to get insights into desk usage.

Bosch & Certivity

Always up to date with the regulatory world: Bosch and Certivity improve regulatory processes within Driver Experience (XC-DX) and Automated Driving (XC-AD).

Bosch & SonoBeacon

Bosch and SonoBeacon partner up to develop and pilot an optimized system that automatically measures and analyzes the use to capacity of passengers in autonomous vehicles.

Bosch & Synthesia

Bosch collaborates with Synthesia to introduce AI assisted video creation coming along in a portfolio with other generative AI solutions.

STMicroelectronics & BeonD

STMicroelectronics and BeonD design a smart seating solution based on Sabelt racing car line and powered by STMicroelectronics' AutoDevKit.

STMicroelectronics & Newtwen

Newtwen is working with STMicroelectronics to develop virtual sensors for power modules and battery management systems.

STMicroelectronics & 2electron

2electron helps drivers rediscover driving excitement in an EV by emulating the “feel” of an internal combustion engine’s impact on vehicle dynamics and performance. In collaboration with 2electron, ST contributed its automotive-grade Accordo5 hardware platform and technical support to convert the proof-of-concept to an industrialized solution for adoption by OEMs.

Bridgestone Mobility Solutions & Bia

Webfleet telematics data combined with Bia’s optimisation software helps maximize reliability and productivity of eFleets, while minimizing peak load, energy costs, and CO2 emissions.

Bridgestone Mobility Solutions & Chargylize

Bridgestone Mobility Solutions and Chargylize offer a data driven solution for fleet electrification.

Bridgestone Mobility Solutions &

Bridgestone Mobility Solutions works with to provide new data solutions leveraging computer vision and AI.

NXP Semiconductors & Sonatus

Sonatus and NXP collaborate to solve top architectural challenges on the road for safer, smarter, and more efficient vehicles.

Hyundai Motor Company & Smart Audio Technologies

Smart Audio pilots SmartMute® technology with Hyundai Motor Company.

ADAC & Audvice

ADAC introduces Audvice to document and share knowledge using advanced voice technology.

Maxion & UBQ Materials

Maxion replaces single-use wooden pallets and plastic separators with reusable plastic Made With UBQ™.

About STARTUP AUTOBAHN powered by Plug and Play

STARTUP AUTOBAHN powered by Plug and Play is an open innovation platform that provides an interface between innovative tech companies and industry-leading corporations. The basis of the program is the partnership that develops between startups and the corporate business units. The two entities hold an equal footing from the get-go: together they evaluate the potential for a joint venture, move forward to pilot the technology, and work to achieve the ultimate goal – a successful production-ready implementation. Designed with the intention to exceed startup acceleration, STARTUP AUTOBAHN powered by Plug and Play moderates a community for collaboration with a focus on implementable results. Over the years, the platform has successfully cultivated over 400 projects with more than 300 startups since its founding in 2016.

Founding Partners: Mercedes-Benz, Plug and Play Tech Center, University of Stuttgart, ARENA2036.

Anchor Partners: Porsche, DXC Technology, Deutsche Post DHL, ZF, Webasto, Motherson, Schaeffler, Bosch, STMicroelectronics, Bridgestone Mobility Solutions, NXP.

Ecosystem Partners: Hyundai, AGC, Eberspächer, Forvia, ADAC, Novelis, CEAT, GF Casting Solutions, Maxion, Sekisui, Plastic Omnium, Huf Group, Togg, Hero MotoCorp, Amber Enterprises, Hutchinson.

About Plug and Play Tech Center

Plug and Play is the leading innovation platform, connecting startups, corporations, venture capital firms, universities, and government agencies. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, we’re in 50+ locations across five continents. We offer corporate innovation programs and help our corporate partners in every stage of their innovation journey, from education to execution. We also organize startup acceleration programs and have built an in-house VC to drive innovation across multiple industries where we’ve invested in hundreds of successful companies, including Dropbox, Guardant Health, Honey, Lending Club, N26, PayPal, and Rappi.


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