R&D Management Conference

July 28, 2023

The 2023 R&D Management Conference was recently celebrated with ample representation from ENI.

This year’s R&D Management Conference gathered inspiring innovation scholars from across the globe in Seville, Spain. ENI and the EINST4INE project’s WP3 organized a conference track on “Enabling technologies for innovation ecosystem emergence”. We had three lively sessions chaired by Petra Nylund, the first of which is pictured below.

In addition, three papers by ENI researchers were included in the main conference program.

Firstly, Finn Tryggvason and Jessica Fishburn shared their work on “Early-stage legitimacy building in platform ecosystems”. Then, Parul Chaudhary delivered a joint piece with Petra Nylund on “Global linkages among multi-nodal entrepreneurial ecosystems – The role played by entrepreneurial support organisations”. Finally, Inma Aleixos Borrás presented the paper “Start-up coaching: what does it add to societal impact of research?”.

At the pre-conference doctoral consortium, Parul also introduced “Emergence of global innovation ecosystems: Role of innovation intermediaries” and Finn exhibited

“Industry 4.0 as an enabler of innovation ecosystem emergence”. We return with plenty of feedback on ongoing research and ideas for new projects and collaborations.


This image shows Melanie Minderjahn

Melanie Minderjahn

M. A.

Research Associate, PR Manager

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