Painting like Pollock: Entrepreneurs in Residence open the Entrepreneurship Roundtable

July 8, 2022

Funded by the Pre-Start BW program of the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts Baden-Württemberg, six students are currently working on their startup ideas at the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research.

Our Entrepreneurs in Residence were part of a very special event on Tuesday, June 28th: ENI initiated a founders' roundtable and was able to win over a top-class University of Stuttgart alumni founder: Michael Raschke from Blickshift GmbH. The roundtable took place on site in ENI's own creative space: the FreiRaum!

The initial reluctance of the participants was quickly overcome as Michael talked about his entrepreneurial life over pizza and drinks. A journey via Heidelberg, Stuttgart, to Canada and the USA began. Michael told about his beginnings and how he managed to build up his own company with patience and the right co-founders.

He was especially influenced by his experiences with the coaches at TTI GmbH, his doctoral advisor, his colleagues as well as his first business idea: "ten second art" with a robot that can paint like Jackson Pollock (here are videos about it:

In addition to entrepreneurship, topics such as finding co-founders, networking but also one's own family planning during a start-up were in the foreground. Questions about different legal forms of companies were also addressed and the Entrepreneurs in Residence were able to get tips on marketing, employee management, funding through grants or investors.

In the coming months, the FreiRaum itself will be available to the university start-up scene as a co-working space on various days, on which the Entrepreneurship Roundtable will also take place in the evenings, in order to enable our prospective founders to continue a close exchange with each other and also with already successful founders.

Stay tuned for further dates.


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Andreas Wahl

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