Our Entrepreneurs in Residence introduce themselves! Today: Viona and Vita

January 17, 2022

Funded by the Pre-Start BW program of the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts Baden-Württemberg, six students are currently working on their startup ideas at the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research.
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Hey, we are Viona and Vita :)

We both study vocational education in our major and philosophy and linguistics in our minor in our first semester. So we just came to the University of Stuttgart for the first of October. Interestingly enough, Vita heard about an event about founding before she even started her studies. She took part in it: the "Pretoberfest". She said that she and her mother had often thought about founding a company and imagined what it would be like and what opportunities it would offer. Vita was already hooked before her studies.

A short time later we met. Funnily enough, Viona had already thought about starting a business once or twice. Above all, she disliked the use of plastic packaging or the general overconsumption. We were then able to quickly agree that this could certainly be done differently. Vita shared her knowledge she got in an ENI startup event and that there was the possibility of participating in a program in which such early considerations could be further elaborated with the help of experienced startup coaches. We then decided to take this step and applied for the Entrepreneurs in Residence program.

Our goal for our time as Entrepreneurs in Residence

At the moment we don't have a business idea that convinces us, but our vision is clear: we see plastic packaging, overconsumption and no easy accessibility of sustainable products as a problem. We want to make sustainability consumer-friendly. However, it is not easy for the average consumer to get alternative products, be convinced of them or even know about them. This has to change! We are currently working on a solution to this problem with the coaches at ENI. We are also equipped with some basics through Makers-of-Tomorrow. The goal for our residency is clear: We want to have collected enough ideas to be able to develop a business idea that is convincing for us.


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