Inspiring Research Visit of renowned Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Scholar Christina Theodoraki at ENI

October 16, 2023

Christina Theodoraki, a renowned entrepreneurial ecosystem researcher from Toulouse Business School, embarked on a three-day research visit to our institute.

During her stay from October 10 to 13, she engaged in enriching activities that fostered knowledge exchange and collaboration in entrepreneurship, especially entrepreneurial ecosystems.

The visit started on the 10th of October with a tour through the ARENA2036 as part of the "Enabling Technologies and Ecosystems Workshop" by the Einst4ine project. This excursion was accompanied by an engaging presentation by Prof. Tobias Kretschmer from LMU Munich, a renowned scholar in Strategy, providing insights into the strategic management of innovation and platform ecosystems.

On the second day, participants of the Einst4ine workshop delved into discussions regarding the intersection of technologies and ecosystems. Following a break for lunch, Christina Theodoraki gave a captivating presentation on navigating one's academic career. The presentation was followed by small group discussions, allowing for in-depth exchanges with senior scholars. The day's activities ended with a visit to the Mercedes-Benz Museum.

The third day was focused on entrepreneurial ecosystems, where we introduced the institute's research pillars and the DEEM project to Christina Theodoraki, identifying potential avenues for future research collaborations. This session was followed by a discussion on Sustainable Entrepreneurial Ecosystems, featuring input from Eric Heintze, Director of the Gründermotor State initiative, and Christina Theodoraki, who shared her expertise on concepts related to fostering Sustainable Entrepreneurial Ecosystems. The discussion was enriched by the participation of practitioners from Gründermotor, the City Council of Stuttgart, and a local founder, contributing practitioner perspectives to the discourse.

We are very grateful for the visit of Christina Theodoraki to our institute and want to highlight the inspiring discussions that took place during her stay. These exchanges will help further shape our entrepreneurship research program, particularly in the context of the DEEM project.


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Melanie Minderjahn


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