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March 16, 2022

Funded by the Pre-Start BW program of the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts Baden-Württemberg, six students are currently working on their startup ideas at the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research.

Further development of the app

The PeakCorteX app offers a project-based way of working. This means that for each topic one wants to deal with, a corresponding project is created in the app. For each project, specific timers can be started to record the working time, routines can be defined and ToDo's can be entered. Currently, PeakCorteX is primarily a timer app. Routines and ToDo will be made available to the user with the current update.

Daily routines are the basis of personal productivity. Therefore, I see it as essential to offer routines in PeakCorteX. In order to cover the broadest possible spectrum of potential customer expectations, I examined various habit apps, studied books on the subject, and conducted numerous searches on the Internet. From the resulting wealth of information, I was able to specifically define the features and implement the app accordingly. Tests regarding usability, user experience and performance have been completed successfully for the most part.

ToDo's are known to be an essential part of effectiveness. On this topic, I have reviewed the prominent approaches of major apps such as: Todoist, AnyDo and Microsoft ToDo analyzed. Additionally, I examined the key features of GTD (Getting Things Done) and bullet journaling to provide essential ToDo functionalities in PeakCorteX. The incorporation of the ToDo features is not yet complete and needs further work.

Extension of the functionalities

Regarding the already existing, as well as the newly planned features of the app, I have had numerous conversations with long-term test users over the last few months. The goals of the conversations were a detailed evaluation of the individual features, analysis of the workflows and wishes regarding the functionality. Based on this feedback, I expanded the app's "Deep Focus Mode."

PeakCorteX shines in a new blaze of color
The designs, especially in the digital product market are changing continuously. With the update, I would also like to adapt the entire appearance to the latest trends. After numerous researches and several attempts, the fight with the strongly deviating color nuances of screens and the resulting acquisition of a color-calibrated monitor, the app now shines in new colors. However, work on this is still in progress.

Use of photo material from the image platform Unsplash
To allow users to customize their projects with images of their choice, I use the integration of the online image provider Unsplash. For the conversion and implementation, a policy review of my app with Unsplash was necessary and I had to apply for an approval. I was able to acquire this successfully and now have an active license with a fixed quota of server queries per hour.

Outlook and plans for the coming months

Fine tuning and tests
In the area of ToDo's, there are still details that need to be finalized and extensively tested. There is also a need for customization and modernization in the color schemes.

AppStore representation and description
Due to the update with the completion of the app, I need an updated description and new pictorial representation for the AppStore. The research on the latest trends is already done and the corresponding concept is worked out.

Launch of the app
In order for the app update to appear in the AppStore, it must first be tested by an Apple employee and checked for conformity with Apple guidelines. Through this process, there may still be necessary adjustments.

For an app, successful marketing is of utmost importance to stand out from the strong competition and the abundance of other digital products. So far, I have not done any marketing. Nevertheless, the app is already downloaded from the AppStore in 39 countries around the world and receives numerous positive feedbacks. (So far, it has received 5-star ratings exclusively.) And that's despite the fact that it's only available in the basic version so far. This has further encouraged me to invest the great effort in developing the new features. For the time being, I would like to rely on low-cost "growth hacking" strategies for marketing.


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Andreas Wahl

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