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ENI with its own program event at the Stuttgart Week of Advacing Architecture Engineering and Construction

October 19, 2022

How much startup is involved in your PhD thesis? In the workshop "Research Canvas", part of the Young Entrepreneurs in Science program of the Falling Walls Foundation, PhD students and PostDocs from the field of Architecture & Construction could explore this question. In addition to numerous subject-specific lectures and workshops, ENI was also represented at the Stuttgart Week of Advancing Architecture Engineering & Construction on Wednesday October 12, 22 to raise awareness of the topic of startups after the PhD and to answer the questions of those interested in starting a business.

The Stuttgart Week of Advancing Architecture Engineering & Construction was organized and carried out this year by the Cluster of Excellence of the University of Stuttgart IntCDC.

The workshop "Research Canvas" had the goal to help the participating PhD students to find possible applications of their technologies and research results outside of academia. The first step was to understand the overarching context of their own doctoral work and to identify real-world problems that could be solved with the technologies and solutions of their PhD work. In the second step, the participants worked in teams of two to consider which stakeholders are important for solving a problem and what products or services might look like.

Dr. Jan Petrs was also a guest. Jan is himself a post-doc at IntCDC and founder of the startup reconfixx, with which he participated in last year's Gründermotor master class.

The workshop was led by Marcel Werle, Startup Coach at the University of Stuttgart and leader of the project "Elements 4 Founding".

The University of Stuttgart is certified as a "Young Entrepreneurs in Science Campus" in Germany. The ENI and GRADUS support the Falling Walls Foundation in raising awareness among PhD students about entrepreneurship as an attractive career path. For support during the early stages of a startup, they are part of the Startup Campus 0711 initiative to support startups at the Science Campus Stuttgart Vaihingen together with TTI GmbH, Hochschule der Medien and Fraunhofer IPA. Anyone interested in a startup or in individual workshops on the topic can find out more about other programs directly from ENI and via GRADUS or their newsletter.


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