Design Thinking for Researchers (26.10.2023)

November 10, 2023

In this workshop, the focus was on optimizing the problem-solution-fit. Design Thinking is an iterative process that helps you focus on understanding a problem or challenge from the user's perspective, ideating solutions with the use of different creativity techniques, and building a prototype to test a critical function of the proposed solution.

After a brief tour through ARENA 2036 and an introduction to Design Thinking, the Ph.D. students from different disciplines learned under the guidance of experts from the Design Factory (including Scarlett Spiegeler) how to use Design Thinking methods to understand problems from the customer's point of view and prepare the solution. In small groups, they were invited to apply what they had learned in practice. A playful interview was conducted to "get to know the customer" and his problem better. Following the ideation process, a simple prototype was built and its application was tested on the "customer". The participants were able to apply the processes of problem solving to their own field and gain valuable insights into the world of design thinking. If you want to work on improving your problem-solution fit, don't miss similar events in the coming weeks. If you would like to attend similar events we recommend registering soon.

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The workshop was organized under the leadership of Kathrin Lichius and Mia-Celine Zsohar as part of the RISE event series of Elements 4 Founding - a project of the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Science (ENI), funded by the Vector Foundation.

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