Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Human Resources - Opportunity or Risk?

September 20, 2023

In a panel of experts, Prof. Brem and others talk about the advantages and disadvantages of AI in HR.

The article of the Stadtanzeiger discusses the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in human resources and its impact on applicants and employers. While AI can streamline the application process, concerns exist regarding potential biases in AI algorithms.

A 2022 study reveals that many people perceive AI in the application process as impersonal and concerning. Approximately 43% of respondents believe that AI negatively affects the application process. The risks of biases in AI systems are substantial. Data used to train these systems can reflect historical inequalities, potentially reinforcing discrimination.

Experts emphasize that the fairness of AI in recruiting relies on the decisions made by humans who develop and deploy these systems. If developers hold biases, these biases can become integrated into AI algorithms.

Despite these concerns, AI in human resources offers several advantages. It can streamline the application process, save time, and create inclusive job listings. Particularly, individuals with specific needs, such as dyslexia, can benefit from AI in presenting their skills effectively.

However, there is a risk that excessive reliance on AI may lead to standardized applications. It can be concluded that AI in human resources can be valuable, but balanced utilization and transparency are crucial. Ultimately, humans should make the final decisions on hiring, especially concerning cultural fit and personal qualities.

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