The winners: Team Space Mate

AWAKE Demo Night: Final pitch event of the startup course "AWAKE - Become a Startup in Six Weeks"

July 13, 2022

The event took place on May 31, 2022, with the aim of giving startups in the early stages the opportunity to present their ideas in front of a larger audience and a professional jury and to enable further steps through prizes, as well as initial contact with potential investors and customers. The event was organized as part of the key qualification "AWAKE- Become a Startup in six weeks", which focuses on a basic understanding of the topic of "entrepreneurship" as well as raising awareness in this regard. The event took place on-site in the Arena2036.

Ahead of Demo Night, eight teams had already qualified for the final Demo Night as part of the "Awake" startup course. These included: Local Peers, Tash, Frida Frisch Challenge, Space Mate, Charge, Abofinder, Freenance and Diet'o'licious. They now have the opportunity to pitch their idea at Demo Night in front of an audience of about 150 spectators and four jury members. Part of the jury are Katrin Kreidel (Hydrop Water Systems), Jan Wunderlich (Institut für Diversity Studies in den Ingenieurwissenschaften), Christian Lorenz (CODE_n), Prof. Dr. Alexander Brem and Kristina Winter (Institute of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Science). This time, for the first time, the event takes place again on site, in the Arena 2036. After a short introduction of the program and various topics covered at the Institute of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Science, the pitches start. Each team has the opportunity to present their idea for three minutes and then has to answer critical questions from the jury in another three minutes. After a number of exciting and very different pitches on topics such as: "Sustainable food storage" (Frida Frisch Challenge) or "Self-determined living: Access to Financial Education" (Freenance), the jury deliberates to choose the winners. Exciting minutes of ambiguity pass while information on various startup activities is given, until the jury finally announces the winners: third place goes to Team Charge (500€), which deals with the problematic plug connection when charging smartphones. The winner of the second prize (500€), is announced afterwards. The jury has decided on two second places: Team Abofinder, which deals with the simplification, bundling and transparency of subscriptions, and Team Tash, which has set itself the task of a clever mobility connection of rural areas. First prize (1000€) goes to Team Space Mate, which is developing a novel mixed drink alternative for young adults. Particularly highlighted here is the high drive for action with good coordination within the team, as well as the first successful pilot projects. After the award ceremony, the event ends with a round of interviews with the winners, who describe their positive experiences and lessons learned, and wraps up with drinks and pizza.


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Melanie Minderjahn


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