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AI Office Hours: How innovative is AI?

June 1, 2022

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its impact on innovation (management)

Artificial intelligence, abbreviated AI, is itself already changing the way we live through new ideas and techniques, thus a so-called innovation. At the same time, AI is a tool on its own to drive innovation.

AI is also a general purpose technology. This means that it influences not only a few areas, but almost our entire economy and society. As such, it is of great importance for the creation of innovations, but also for the change of companies and their employees. That’s because AI is changing the way companies introduce new things that promise change. From young start-ups to small and medium-sized enterprises to large and established corporations, AI offers both opportunities and risks for nearly everyone.

Prof. Alexander Brem, Director of the Institute of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Science at the University of Stuttgart, gave a keynote presentation on the specific meanings of AI from the perspective of research around innovation, using various examples.

He used two different perspectives, starting with the private one. Here Smart Home applications were mentioned, but also comparatively new research fields such as Persuasive Marketing. After this, he introduced also a business perspective on how companies use AI in their innovation management, e. g. in the context of lead user or with healthcare applications.  The presentation ended with concrete suggestions for research: AI as a research subject, and AI as a tool for research. Following this presentation, there was room for questions and a discussion with all participants.

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